I think it’s challenging, really challenging, because I write this when I’m fasting. But I’m alright. So, have you ever been eating in Bungsu?

I bet some of you ever done that. The point is, two days ago I eat there with my friend at the lovely evening when the sun hasn’t set yet. That’s so relaxing, you know, eating outdoor with the friend you love.

Not sure about how I put this, but why am I writing about a place on the road side? I just wonder why that place called Bungsu, in Indonesian bungsu means the last child. Of course the chicken is not all ‘bungsu’. I mean, who got time to separate bungsu chickens from the others? Ain’t nobody got time to monitor the breeding room to find out which chicken comes first and last.

I know this is ridiculous to talk about why this place called the way it is. But this is a mystery, you know? Gotta find the answers! Ciao~

PS : I’m aware there will be a lot of tenses mistakes

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