I shut down my Twitter account

After all 4944 tweets and retweets, I said goodbye that day I officially deactivated my account. I found it relaxing that I release some of my shitloads because it is really a huge amount of shit that came out of my mind. I can’t stand to re-read it again and I just wanted to be less emotional person.

Basically, it’s no need to expose our personal problems, just find a person who can be ears to all of our problems. I don’t expect a solution or advice when I share about the problems I currently face, so maybe I can start a diary. But that’s less challenging and not practical in this smartphone era. So, I sign up again on Twitter for different account that none will ever follow (I decline every follow requests).

It could be my live journal and I kind of excited abouy this. Because it’s gonna be clean and simple, no retweets.

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