Life is a summer vacation

Our life is almost like a summer vacation. Life is like a toss in which sometimes we get heads which gives happiness and tails which gives sometimes sadness.

life is not less than a summer vacation, just imagine the time of our vacations. When all the cousins come to house to spend time with us. And that our every sleepless night when we make two hundred plus plans in fifty days. Today we will do this , tomorrow we will do that and so on. That moment when we watch a horror movie at night, some secret night out and all that 3 AM talks on the roof. We make millions of dreams to accomplish but we do less than 10% of that.

And one day suddenly our summer vacations gets over all cousins back to there home and same with our life putting all our dreams, all our desires on tomorrow and as we all know tomorrow never comes. Let’s enjoy our life before our vacations gets over.

Let’s live a life of our wish, leaving behind what people will say, let’s enjoy each day like our vacations, let’s be happy and make our happy.

By:- dikshant choudhary