‘Who You Are’ Does Not Need An Explanation.

“I never gave an explanation as to why I was born a girl. So, I won’t give an explanation as to why I like girls.”- Lesbian.

The narrow mindset.

It’s your basic human right to decide who you love and how you want to be. There is this crazy obsession with the anatomy of the human body and the truths surrounding it. Only a “penis” and a “vagina” can be together, sex without the two is impossible, love can mean nothing if it’s not somehow directed towards the continuation of our species, your anatomy has to determine how you should behave and on and on. This is nothing but a narrow mindset. With evolution so much has changed, unfortunately, the mindset is still the same. Scared and narrow.

Fearing the outbreak of an epidemic or a deadly virus is logical and justified. LGBT is not an epidemic, it poses no threat to society, It may pose a threat to some people’s “narrow mindset”.

Gender norm is nothing but an old dictum which is crumbling under the pressure of change. Our freedom as individuals to choose how we want to dress or express ourselves is a basic right. And no elected body of representatives can tell us that they know better. A man choosing to express his feminine side is not committing a crime nor is he a deviant in any way. Not everything that is different is necessarily deviant or a crime.

This brings me to the point of “coming out of the closet”. This “narrow mindset” has literally driven so many of the LGBT community to feel that who they are is so “wrong” they need to hide their true self. The most common sayings, “You are such a disgrace”, “We’ll go to a doctor and fix this”, “You have brought shame to the family name”, “how could you?”. If you’re very being is questioned, your existence and your expression nullified, where else but a closet to hide in?

The “Closet” is an illusory construct.

This closet you feel shut in is in your head. Sometimes others will come down on you just for expressing yourself and it can be incapacitating. Sometimes you’re literally shut in a closet by force, other times it’s easier to voluntarily shut yourself in the closet because you fear for your life.

First, “you”, whoever you are, you were never in the closet. Yes, circumstances and people made you feel unwanted or caged but you were never in a closet. You were out there, you are out there, you’re just probably surrounded by a majority who don’t understand you or your choices well. A closet is for clothes, for items, you are neither and your existence is imploring you to be out there. So stop the mindset of being “in the closet” or “coming out of the closet”.

You’ll say, “Hey! It’s not that easy”. Yes, it is.

When you were born, did you give an explanation as to why you were born a girl or a boy? Did you or were you ever made to give an explanation of why you were born with a vagina or a penis? So, If you never gave an explanation to the world about being born a girl/boy, why do you want to give an explanation about why you like a girl/boy?

Choosing “who” you love or “who” you feel on the inside is not something that can be criminalized. Mostly, it’s nobody’s business but yours. This is a subjective and personal part of you that no amount of homophobia/laws/supernatural punishment can take away.

Change is inevitable, and as History teaches us, never taken well.

See, heterosexuality was always the only “truth” that existed. It was a “way of life”, it was something that was never questioned it was thrust upon us. By nature, we procreate for the continuation of our species. But man’s nature is also to seek companionship. The thing is because a man and woman’s anatomy is such that “life” is possible only when the two copulate, we took for granted that companionship is also only possible this way. We never questioned, we never asked otherwise.

Homosexuality is way of being and the farthest thing from sin.

Understand that your son likes boys because he’s predisposed to feel like that. He did not suddenly pick it up cause its a western trend or he saw it in a movie! Wearing make up won’t make him less intelligent or less human or any less of a man for that matter.

People don’t readily accept because they are afraid to. We get habituated to a particular mindset and way of life. Now the more we evolve and change so does our mindset. So it’s okay to be afraid, not understand it, or take your time to accept it. But, don’t deny it because it’s inevitable.

You’re a mammal and a human. These should be the two truths of who you are because they are universal. The rest are variable.

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