How Content Marketing Can Boost TheSEO For Your Perth Business

For optimal results for your business, you shouldn’t think about your content marketing strategy and SEO strategy as being separate from each other. If you’re looking to boost the SEO of your Perth business, you need to work your SEO in with your content marketing campaign. Of course, this needs to be done right so you can be confident you’re getting the best results possible.

The SEO and content overlap

There are a lot of articles discussing content marketing versus SEO and it’s easy to see why the two concepts are often viewed separately. SEO (search engine optimisation) is all about improving your organic search engine results for increased traffic to your website while content marketing is about creating helpful, compelling content to engage your audience. So how do these clearly different approaches work together?

Content creates keyword opportunities –One of the foundations of a successful SEO strategy is the use of relevant keywords so your website appears in the search engine results. Well, you can’t use keywords if you don’t have content. Creating content and inserting SEO keywords means that not only are you helping your content marketing by offering regular, informative content but your SEO also gets a boost with the use of relevant keywords.

Content leads to external links — External links are an elusive but highly effective way to improve your SEO. If you can get another website to provide a link to your website, you’re doing well! One of the best ways to create strong external links is to provide quality content that other sites are going to want to link to. Without good content, other sites are unlikely to give you the rare opportunity of an external link.

Search engines like original content — SEO is focussed on getting your business to rank higher up in organic search engine results and search engines are becoming increasingly savvy about the quality and originality of your content. Google will be able to tell if your content is too short, duplicated, poor quality or keyword stuffed and will penalise you accordingly. However, you’ll also be rewarded if you’re making an effort to create longer, interesting and original content.

Remember, content is king

Although content marketing can be used to great effect to boost SEO, you need to always remember that SEO comes second to quality content. Don’t make the mistake of producing content for SEO purposes only — your content needs to provide value to users and keyword stuffed, boring content won’t cut it. Concentrate first on high quality, interesting content that people are actually going to read and then think about your SEO second.

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