Self — Analysis about Arranging Workshops

Here it comes our self-analysis of our Mega Project. Our Project is to get the children of 7–10th grade familiar with Computer Science so that they can build interest in it and can do wonders in this wonderful field.As:

“Education is most powerful weapon we can use to change the world.”

Our Goal:-

As we said in our first blog that we are planning to organize workshops based on updating the youth and help them in getting awareness to choose their career. And these workshops will be arranged under the supervision and with the help of an organization “Devoxx4Kids”. Our goal is to arrange the workshop in different schools of Lahore. So we target the most famous and the vast networked school of Lahore in educational field “The Educators”. Now we are going to give the workshop and seminar in next 15 days Inshallah.

Challenges We Faced:-

The challenges that we faced in arranging and providing platform for students to get awareness about their career are:-

Convincing people of the organization for this workshop.

The biggest that we faced are the logistics that where we give workshops.

Convincing authorities of the schools about arranging workshops.


The outcomes that we are expecting from this workshop and event are:-

Guiding the students about their right choice of careers and it is our biggest outcome.

Highlighting the importance computer science field and recognizing the students with the programming and robotics tools “Arduino”.

Helping students and giving them the way to become aware of technology because technology is changing very fast.

A platform will be created through which the students can get consultancy which field is better for their future. If students want to learn the programming and development skills, that guidance will also be provided.

Impact on People:-

As we volunteer for this purpose and arrangement of workshops through the platform of “Devoxx4Kids”. Organization authorities appreciated us for helping them in the same purpose.

Then we met the school authorities and convinced them by highlighting the importance of these kind of workshops for students. They also appreciated us for the purpose.

Our Approach in future:-

We are planning to change our approach in the future. We also want arrange and give seminars on the topic of career choosing and recognition with the technology in Colleges and Universities.

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