Stella B Coaching

Dilbeck Real Estate is fortunate to have access to the skills, passion, and success of professional coach, Stella Balasanian. Stella has been instrumental in nurturing the business plan, marketing strategy, and professional careers of some of our company’s top producers. Her infectious enthusiasm and passion has been a tremendous asset to not only Dilbeck, but to the agents lucky enough to have Stella in their corner.

Stella’s authentic and bold style of living, her life-long love of learning new things and her personal leadership qualities have produced a natural coach. She is devoted to working with clients as they uncover their purpose and stretch beyond their self-imposed limits to achieve excellence both personally and professionally. She enjoys a history of success as an entrepreneur, a career in real estate as well as a generous spirit that contributes in numerous ways to her local community and global organizations.

Stella received her certification through an International Coaching Federation (ICF) accredited school. She produces amazing results by connecting her client’s inner purpose and passion to their outer goals and tasks to bring about extraordinary results. Her authenticity, joy and energy inspire transformation in others.

“I believe we are each unique individuals with unique gifts and talents and I believe it is very important that we build our businesses around our own gifts and talents so that we have businesses that we are proud of and passionate about.” Stella said. “Most of us went into this business with a heart of service and the desire to help build the American Dream. I want to empower you to not only do that but do it better than you have ever done it before!”

What is Coaching: For decades successful athletes, singers and actors have employed personal coaches to get them to be the absolute best by accessing their deepest level of natural talents and bringing it forth. People who use coaches achieve remarkable results in their personal and professional lives. They have substantial advantage over those who don’t. Those who use coaches are on the fast track to closing the gap between where they are and where they want to be. Your coach can help you unleash your own greatness!

Become your own success story with Stella B Coaching Programs:

Track 1 | Accelerated Growth: The Ramp-Up Stage. The focus of this 6 course track is to transform the mindset of Realtors into the mindset of Small Business Owners. This track is for new and experienced agents looking to systematize their business.

Track 2 | Master Series: The Sale-Up Stage. The focus of this track is wealth building through doing more sales and creating more income; more business structure and systems for better results. This track is for experienced and top producing agents looking to expand their productivity and profits.

Track 3 | The Multiplier: The Leverage-Up Stage. If you want to create a high performing team, this track is for you. The focus of this track is to create systems that leverage the team and uses each team member’s talents to build the team. This track is for top producing agents looking to leverage and grow their teams.

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