How India and China are destroying the Americans

This is a very old post. I had kept it privately until now. I usually stay away from making harsh comments and try to play-it-safe by not speaking my mind at all. But sometimes it also hurts to see that common sense is not so common. No, I’m not referring to some random personal attacks at me. I was reading on growing vegetables in containers in one’s balcony when I came across this book that roughly stated that sustainability will become an issue in future where oil reserves will start shrinking more so due to substantial increase in demand from industrializing nations like India and China. And that statement was enough. I couldn’t read the book any further. In spite of the reserve I try to practice, sometimes my blood boils too and it takes a while to cool it down. And usually it takes effort to vent it out on a note like this one.

If I may generalize, I’ve always known that consumers in developed nations are extravagant and wasteful. I’ve always known that Indians (again I need to generalize here, because the US-returned Indians and the rich and affluent are still a miniscule fraction of the entire population), are very environment-friendly, not necessarily due to choice, but mostly due to affordability. There is a substantial population of vegetarians in India, especially in the North and that itself translates to ‘green’. And I can vouch for the fact that running hot water in the house, laundry in warm water, air conditioner and SUVs are simply not affordable for the vast majority of Indians.

These days Indians are referred to in two contexts — (i) snatching jobs from Americans (ii) increasing purchasing power. There are further truths about these scenarios than what is generally acknowledged. For example, I don’t believe that Indians can snatch a lot many jobs from Americans when it comes to software jobs. I may be wrong, but I’m not too sure whether every other person in the US graduates with an engineering degree like Indians do. In India, getting a software job is an assurance to a person and his family that they will have a decent quality of life — again not luxury or extravagance. Also, it is the only way to have a not-so-worried debt-ridden life for majority of Indian middle class. If someone in India becomes a ‘successful’ software engineer, that is because he and his family have poured their hearts and lives out to earning the job. And the government couldn’t care less about its citizens except for taxes, because they are busy trying to divert funds and safeguard their interests. Whereas in the US, being professionally qualified is not a necessity to live a decent life. So, there is little motivation for everyone to go to college and I know that the fees is substantially higher than for an Indian to go to college. So when you compare the lives of an average US citizen with that of a ‘successful’ Indian software professional, I’d think that the quality of life of the American is way higher simply because of the fact that the Indian is in India and the American is in the US. I don’t want to talk about the increasing purchasing power, because the rich has become richer and that is all. Nothing has changed for the majority of millions of the poor in India.

But I digress. The original point I wanted to make was that Americans easily buy the argument that Indians and Chinese are consuming world’s resources and that has how life in the US has become difficult. I can only ridicule the situation. If only people have some sense, they can clearly see that the millions of poor people cannot take away all those pleasures people in the US enjoyed, simply because they still cannot afford to buy all that, despite their ‘increasing purchasing power’. The rate at which inflation grows and remains uncurbed, even the highly paid software engineers in India cannot afford to buy a new apartment. The usual comment from Indian software engineers working in the US visiting Indian software engineers in India is, ‘how can you afford this place with your Indian salaries?’ Everything is expensive and getting more so, especially the fuel prices. And petroleum is the lifeblood of the economy. Add to that the inefficiencies of the Indian systems, there goes the affordability.

So I can only laugh at the idiocy of the statement when someone claims that the US is suffering because Indians eat more food than they used to eat before. Same is the case with the job losses. Indians are not taking away jobs from Americans- like I mentioned earlier, are all US citizens keen to become software engineers when they dread Math so much? It is the US corporations who offshore their operations to not just India, anywhere they can find cheap labor, in order to make more profits.

So I’d think that it is the American greed that brought about the misery that they suffer now. And it is the same greed that reduced the whole world to a miserable place. And yet, some of them have the audacity to publish books and write articles about how India and China are consuming resources of the world when they themselves have hogged and exhausted them for decades and continue to do so.

I know for a fact that there are no small cars in the US, the people there drive big SUVs even for a single person and each family has as many cars as there are members. And if that is not enough, these cars are the most energy-inefficient in the whole world. Please check with the manufacturers if you have doubts. Need I say more, the water resources of the world are fast depleting not because a billion Indians take bath everyday, not all of them anyway because there is water scarcity everywhere. Water level is depleting because of the industrial consumption in the US(not sure if there are any industries left) and the highly industralized nations.

Dear American brethren,

Whatever you may hear about India, you need to come and see what it is rather than believe your politicians. They are the ones who tricked you into believing that Saddam Hussein possessed dangerous weapons and destroyed an entire civiliation due to their greed for more oil. They are the ones who nurtured Osama Bin Laden and demolished World Trade Centre with explosives.

Even I can see through the lies the governments tell, why don’t you, you industrialized-developed-advanced minds? Is it that you have no common sense or is it that you’ve outsourced your thinking abilities as well? I’ve always had high regard for your universities that maintain global standards, and have been aspiring to join them just to be part of that vibrant atmosphere with the exuberance for bringing about the next greatest invention. Whatever happened to that spirit of ingenuity? Why do you give up so easily? I’ve heard and read about the great stories that constituted and realized the American dream? When thousands of them migrate to the US to just be able to glimpse a part of living that American dream, why do you not believe in it anymore? Why do you give up so easily? Please don’t, because there are millions of people living in the non-developed nations looking up to you, please don’t disappoint them, please don’t.