How to add an RSS feed from Medium to Wordpress

Photo credit: jsiarto via Visualhunt / CC BY-NC

Urgh. I struggled with this. I have a Wordpress blog and I wanted to ensure the stories I write here on Medium are also picked up over there. Because they are different kinds of stories.

Medium is supposed to be set up for RSS feeds, but it isn’t really. Lies! All lies! When I added the supposed RSS feed to the RSS feed widget on my blog, all I got was an error for my efforts. Urgh. So frustrating.

So I stumbled half-heartedly around Google for a week, trying out different things before I found a solution. Here it is, in a five super simple steps:

  1. Grab your supposed Medium RSS feed.
  2. Go to Feedburner (it’s a Google thing, so you’ll need a Google sign-in).
  3. Enter your supposed Medium feed into Feedburner.
  4. Grab the feed address that Feedburner spits out.
  5. Add the Feedburner feed to your Wordpress RSS widget.

That’s it! You’re welcome.

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