Google Summer of Code 2018

The Beginning

Dileka Madushan

Late night on 23 of April 2018, I received an email congratulating me for being selected with my proposal on Patient Clinical Summary Enhancement of Openmrs. I was so happy to get selected after long weeks of hard working in Openmrs community.

Openmrs has a great motto “Write Code, Save Lives!” which excited me to discover more. I heard about Openmrs Community more from my friends in my batch who took part in GSOC 2017.I would take this opportunity to thank all of my batch-mates who helped me to create a great proposal.

For anyone who is excited to take part in next year’s GSOC with Openmrs, I would like to recommend some basic steps.

  1. Set up a local instance of OpenMRS.
  2. Read more on developer’s guide on Wiki.
  3. Select the favorite module of yours and install
  4. Select easy issues from JIRA to get you started on the module.
  5. Take part frequently in discussions regarding issues in your interested modules in OpenMRS Talk.

These steps would lay a great foundation for you to get established in the OpenMRS Community who would help you when you will need it. So do not think twice to raise your questions 😃

As I will be working on the reporting module, my future blogs would help anyone interested in reporting module . So hoping I would help many more excites 😃

In the first two weeks of the programme I have been following the guidance from my project mentor Sam Mbugua and Martin Were. They have been so helpful in getting me thorough with the reporting module and the project objectives. I would like to thank them in heaps for making my GSoC experience a wonderful one 😆

Dileka Madushan

Written by

I am an undergraduate from University of Moratuwa who is interested in Distributed Computing, micro-services, block-chain and Data Science.

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