Google Summer of Code 2018 with OpenMRS

10th week of Coding

This week was also a successful week as I completed the job of finalizing the end points in muzimacore module. This endpoint would be used by the muzima android app to download patient reports.

First I had to add a change to the existing database because the design team had requested to add a new field priority to muzima_generated_report. This attribute was set as a tiny_int and the default value was set to 0. So if the user wants to create a report_cohort_config with high priority priority the check box in the following diagram should be ticked, so that priority column in the SQL table is set to one.

Then I worked on the REST endpoint which returns the last patient report created due to a cohort report mapping set to high priority 😃. The endpoint requires the uuid of the patient as the only parameter.

I am hoping to get these reports into muzima android app in the coming weeks 😯.