Google Summer of Code 2018 withΒ OpenMRS

11th week ofΒ Coding

The GSoC 2018 was reaching its end, so I had to steam in to finish on time πŸ˜…. In this week I engaged in displaying the data(MuzimaGeneratedReport) that is fetched from the server.

I first tried to create a view containing a list of the reports of a particular patient. I followed the procedure to create a list as you normally follow in Android.

I created a layout file named report_list_view and created a list as follows.

Then I created an Android Activity named PatientReportListViewActivity and used the following code πŸ˜†

As at this moment I was unable to bring patient reports from the server, I created a list of dummy values for now πŸ˜…. When a user selects a report name, the report should be loaded. The report is a HTML page. So I am going to load the report using WebView in Android as follows

The PatientReportWebActivity that is triggered on item click takes the user to the WebView where report is displayed.

This was successful πŸ˜†. But in muzima-android there is a preferred way to create this work-flow. In the next week I will be doing this in that way. This was just to get my head in πŸ˜…. See you next week with more!