Hey entrepreneurs and business owners — STOP chasing MONEY

I was reading yesterday a document that I received from a new client. In both companies I’m working (see Iuvo Omega Ltd. and Sylidra) we have this document called Questionnaire which we send to clients when we start working with them. We are providing a full stack marketing service, and this document is nothing more than questions for the client, from which we find out important information about its business. Questions go from motivation, mission, vision, strengths, weaknesses, relationship with employees, competition to relationship with community, inspiration, customers relations and others.

From this document, we find out many things about our clients — not just for them as a company, but for them as people. We find out who they are, who inspires them, what their ambitions are, what motivates them to get out of the bed every day, are they human.. This document also gives us the answer to the most important question — are we the right feet for each other? Do we share the same values, have the same ambitions? Are owners and employees of that company really the people we want to work with daily? Extremely important information if you want to be successful.

Don’t go out there are search for any client. No way! Don’t chase the money, let money chase you. Choose client who has enough to pay for your service, of course, but don’t let money be the deciding factor. You will have to work with those people on daily basis. Eventually, maybe they will become more than just client. Why not? In Iuvo Omega Ltd. we have clients who are with us for years, with whom we even started developing new business, together.

Develop a trust from the day one. Give them something which will help them understand that you have what it takes to do the job. Exceed the expectation from the very beginning, even before it. Don’t leave a place for any doubts in your expertise. Help them not only with their marketing efforts, but with business development. Help them learn how to do business in 21st century, when everything’s changing really fast and it’s gonna get even faster. With doing that, you’ll get a lifetime clients and even friends.

Now, back to the Questionnaire. What you read in it can, if it doesn’t make you run away), motivate you to help your client achieve their goals fast. You can’t find everything on Google. Maybe your client is helping community by supporting local baseball team, maybe they are organizing barbeques and inviting people from the block to hang out with them and establish relationships, maybe they are giving money to the orphanages and who knows what else? You maybe won’t be able to use that information for promotion and marketing, but you’ll know, which is more important. You will know who your client is and that will give you the necessary background to create the most suitable content and campaigns.

Don’t let the money be your motivation. Put into work, get shit done, prove your expertise and the money will come.

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Nemanja Zivkovic,

General Manager at Iuvo Omega Ltd

Director of Marketing at Sylidra