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I was invited to be a jury member of this year’s Economic Times Startup Awards. One of India’s most prestigious recognition for early stage companies, The Economic Times Startup Awards celebrates entrepreneurs who take risks to successfully launch a new enterprise and inspire others to follow in their footsteps. This year’s focus was on founders who are making an impact at scale and are solving India-specific problems.

Recognizing risks is important. It takes guts to start a company from scratch. It takes determination to turn an idea into a fully-fledged business, often on a shoestring budget. We need more entrepreneurs…

reducing air pollution
reducing air pollution

Fourteen out of the twenty most polluted cities in the world are in India, according to the World Health Organization (WHO). On top of the list is Gurugram.

This thriving financial and industry hub near New Delhi has the third-highest per capita income in India, but also the world’s most polluted air based on data by IQ Air Visual and Greenpeace.

Air pollution is a serious health hazard. Pollutants cause respiratory illnesses and other diseases. Air pollution is costing lives. Every year seven million people die from air pollution according to the World Health Organization.

Air pollution dampens socioeconomic progress…

Cloud computing has revolutionized the way how technology becomes accessible for everyone. It offers a faster and more efficient way to run and adapt business operations to changing market environments. It simplifies the consumerization of technology. It has unleashed unprecedented possibilities to create highly engaging customer experiences. For many, the cloud has become omnipresent at work and at home.

Cloud computing is one of the top technologies of our time that will shape the future of generations to come. That is particularly true for India. …

In times of digital transformation, change has become a constant. Guiding companies through their business transformation journey, not only requires creating more agile organizational structures and processes, it also demands instilling a cultural change. Business leaders need to transform their organization into an intelligent enterprise, rooted in a corporate culture that thrives on continuous change.

The transformation has to start from the heart of the organization. One of the most striking results in the 22nd Annual Global CEO Survey by PwC was that organizations started turning inward to drive revenue growth in an unpredictable international socio-economic environment. …

Entrepreneurial thinking is encouraged across the organization, not just in the R&D Lab

Innovation drives human and economic progress. The invention of the steam engine, the car, and the Internet have become historic events that marked a new era for our society and the global economy. We grew up admiring inventors like Thomas Edison. The light bulb he invented has become a synonym for having an idea. Computer pioneers, such as Grace Hopper, paved the way for our digital society with the first all-electronic digital computer.

Innovation is also the life blood for companies. The technology industry, for example, invests heavily in research and development to stay competitive. In 2018, 22.5 …

This Friday is World Water Day. When you go to the water cooler this week, remember that not everyone has access to clean drinking water yet. The UN General Assembly recognized access to water and sanitation as a human right in 2010. Almost a decade later, today, 844 million people worldwide still lack access to safe drinking water, according to the World Health Organization (WHO). In low- and middle-income countries, 38 percent of healthcare facilities don’t have an improved water source, 19 percent don’t have improved sanitation, and 35 percent lack water and soap for handwashing. …

Early adopters of the next phase of cloud technology and services will be tomorrow’s winners.

In its second decade, cloud computing has become a mature and reliable technology, but we still have only scratched the surface of the cloud’s full potential as an enabler of digital business transformation.

With access to core business applications, analytics and collaboration tools, cloud computing is a reliable path for business innovation. It provides organizations the agility to scale and adapt their business model to market conditions and opportunities. Cloud computing has created the foundation for a flexible innovation infrastructure for companies’ growth strategies.

Now cloud computing is going through a growth spurt of its own. The next wave of…

Gender parity in science and technology starts with giving women broad access to education and IT skills, such as the Rural Skills Development Initiative in Bharatpur using mobile vans

Today we celebrate the International Day of Women and Girls in Science. Women have made incredible achievements in science and technology for centuries, often unknown to the world, or only honored retrospectively. The role of women in science became more known in 1903 when Marie Curie became the first women to win a Nobel Prize in Physics, and then went on to win a second Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1911. Marie Curie is only one example of countless female scientists and engineers who helped achieve scientific breakthroughs and social progress.

However, there are still not enough women in sciences…

A growing number of startups in India is focusing on emerging and intelligent technologies, which fuel a worldwide tech renaissance.

As the world’s third largest startup hub, India is driving a global intelligent tech renaissance. The country has more than 49,000+ startups, 1,500+ investors, 250+ incubators, and 26 unicorns, based on the Inc42 The State Of Indian Startup Ecosystem 2018’ report. Most importantly, India’s startups have discovered a massive opportunity for building global businesses that drive innovation and social progress: emerging and intelligent technologies.

In the past years the collaboration between startups and corporations has unearthed a new generation of business models that cleverly apply mobile technology, cloud computing, social networks and analytics to enhance operations, accelerate growth and open…

Leonardo Da Vinci, one of the greatest thinkers of the renaissance once said, simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

The rule of simplicity also applies to technology innovation. Simplicity is the tipping point for technology adoption. Not just for the consumer at home, but also for the business user at work.

The next wave of intelligent technologies has the potential to innovate operations, product development, customer service, and overall business transformation on an unprecedented level. …

Dilip Khandelwal

Managing Director of SAP Labs India. Entrepreneurial thinker. Startup mentor. NASSCOM Executive Council Member.

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