Bachelor of Engineering

How I ended up pursuing this..

Growing up my early teens, I don't quite remember if anyone ever made me sit down and asked me to think about what I wanted to make of my life. But I do remember what I told my teachers who asked every kid this in their introductory class.

What is your Ambition?

For the first half of my schooling, I genuinely wanted to become a pilot. My dad is an Engineer and he served in the army till he took a short service retirement. This might have had a slight influence in my wanting to become a pilot but the main reason was that the TurboKat from Swat Kats was the coolest thing ever. Come on, we have all had our childhood fantasies. Some people wanted to score more than that over smart kid in class while I wanted to save the world with a kick-ass fighter jet and zoom into the horizon. But I've never been the kind of person who sticks to anything even for a brief while. Change is my way of life and without that I tend to lose purpose at times. Yeah I also like to talk like in a deep non-fiction book at times. Things drastically changed when I moved up to higher primary as my elder brother moved out to pursue his degree in Engineering. I don't remember a lot of mushiness when he left which maybe was because we were in this phase where we fought a lot for everything and I always won as I was too small for Mom to look at reason in my cry. Engineering was and still is a very fancy word in my life. Till then, it was something which dad’s and cousins did/were but after that, it was something that made the house very silent with my brother gone and no one to fight with. People suddenly started speaking about all sorts of courses and programs and branches and fields and the thing that fancied me the most was the prospect of an ‘MS’ in the US, in one of those ‘prestigious’ universities whose names I hadn't heard of yet.

A lot of people changed schools after the 7th grade. So as was customary(well, almost), out came the autograph books. Everybody had them and it made it look like a rule. For those who aren't really aware of this, it is a book which asks you all sorts of questions about yourself and your signature for people to look at years later and remember how you were back in 7th grade. Before you say anything, it was a privilege to fill up the autograph book of the pretty girls in class and I’m proud to have had this privilege with quite a few. Hmm ok, coming back to what I was saying, there was this one question which I clearly remember. I wrote in almost every book that my ambition was “MS in US”. I still cant figure out why I was so proud that I could rhyme MS with US. Nevertheless, that was what I wanted to make of my life when I entered High School.

Change is inevitable. Soon, I came to know about the IITs (or rather, mom came to know about the Foundation IIT courses). Again, for those who aren't aware, these are some courses which take a lot of money to teach you stuff that you are anyway going to learn the next year. So even before I knew it, I was preparing for my IITJEE. This meant that my life was marked with an Engineering degree back when all I wanted was the latest video game. But I don't really crib about not having thought of any other field back then. Even now if you give me a time machine to go back and choose whichever field I want to, Ill come back to Engineering.

So this is briefly how I ended up in this field. I’m sure all of us have our stories regarding this but for a majority of us here in India, the gist remains the same. We all decided to become Engineers back when we couldn't decide which chocolate to buy.