Can Chris Paul break the NBA Assists record?

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Two days ago LA Clippers Point Guard Chris Paul (CP3) has made his 8000th Assist in the NBA while becoming the 10th Players to achieve 8000 mark in the history of NBA. He passed Rod Strickland who played 17 NBA season with 9 deference teams. Paul has become the 3rd fastest NBA player to reach 8000 mark while putting 18 assists in the game against Miami Heat. Chris Paul was born in 1985 (31 years old) and currently playing his 13th season in NBA. He earned his Rookie of the Year award back in 2006 and was named as the NBA all Star MVP in year 2013. Paul was drafted by New Orlando Pelicans in 2005 as the 4th overall pick. After making some amazing 6 seasons with Pelicans Paul was traded to LA Clippers.

The question is can he become the All-time Assist Leader in NBA?

If we consider the Top 10 performance of All-time in Assists, the list is as follows

1. John Stockton 15,806

2. Jason Kidd 12,091

3. Steve Nash 10,335

4. Mark Jackson 10,334

5. Magic Johnson 10,141

6. Oscar Robertson 9,887

7. Isiah Thomas 9,061

8. Gary Payton 8,966

9. Andre Miller 8,524

10. Chris Paul 8012

Considering this List will Show most of them had hall of fame careers. Andre Miller and Chris Paul are the only two players who are currently playing in NBA. Considering the Numbers, CP3 needs to get at least 7795 more assist to beat John Stockton. Let’s compare the Numbers of John Stockton and Chris Paul

John Stockton (References -

John Stockton played his entire career as a Utah Jazz Veteran. 6’1” Stockton played 19 season with Jazz while Averaging 13.1 ppg, 10.5 apg and 2.2 spg.He earned a place Under Dream team in 1992 and Named as a Hall of Fame as well. He is the current Assist and steals leader in NBA. John Stockton played some Iron seasons with Jazz by playing whole 82 games in regular season for 13 times in his 19 Seasons. That’s something Chris Paul only achieved once in his career. Stockton 1504 Career game including 19 x Playoff appearance (182 playoff games) with 2x NBA Final Appearance (1997, 1998) While Chris Paul had 8 x Playoff appearance and never made the NBA finals.(*apg- Assists per Game, ppg — Points per Game, spg- Steals per Game)

Comparison of 1st 12 seasons of Stockton to the Chris Paul’s career:

Chris Paul played only 806 games and Performed 8012 Assists while Stockton had played 980 games and made 11310 Assists (3298 more Assist than Chris Paul). As well as Stockton has 7 seasons with 1000 or more assists while Paul has none. Stockton’s heights average in Assists for a single season was 89–90 when he averaged 14.2 apg throughout the whole season. Chris Paul averaged 11.6 Assists in the 07–08 Season with Pelicans.

If we make a prediction that Chris Paul will play 64 games (average per 82 games) in this regular Season. And if he able to average 9.8apg throughout the 64 games of this season He could nearly make 630 assists (Average Assist per season for CP3 is 640). Adding some playoff Games might give him a chance to finish the season with nearly 700 Assists (only 4 time he had 700+ assists out of 12 seasons) so after that he has to make at least another 7479 Assist in 6 seasons to beat Stockton. And again if we predicted after this Season he might play 82 games in a row without injury issues for another 6 season the odds will be high. Because he has to make 1200+ Assist per Season and Average over 13 Assists per game. So the Answer should be HE CAN’T but this is the game of Basketball and anything could happen. He has a good team right now with some good shooters like J.J. Redick, J.Craward, Marreese Speights and A.Rivers as well as great Players like D.Jordan and Blake Griffin. At this pace (without injuries) he could be the 6th Player to make 10000+ Assists.

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