A personal daily checklist

I, like everyone else, have a desire to grow and expand in in all areas of life.

I wish to be more influential and intelligent, have greater vitality and more authentic relationships with those around me, I aim to build long term wealth, a career around solving problems that inspire me, and become more enlightened as to the forces governing the universe.

All of these goals require continuous attention and focus, and I have developed a checklist, a list that I run through briefly each morning. The purpose of this daily checklist is to both implement the ideas that have enabled others to succeed and learn from previous experiences.

The list then is as follows:

Implement the following

  1. In order to get what you want you should deserve what you want: deliver only what you would buy if the situation were reversed. Focus on adding value in every single exchange! Ask yourself the following question: “What problems / needs / pain points” does this person have that I can solve?”
  2. Wisdom acquisition is a moral duty — you are obligated to contribute to the evolution of human consciousness with the lessons you learn and teach! Commit to being a lifelong student & teacher!
  3. You progress in life only once you learn the method of learning
  4. Surround yourself with brilliant & inspiring people (you are the average of the 5 people you surround yourself with most)
  5. Develop a seamless web of trust between yourself and those around you
  6. Learn all the big ideas from all the major disciplines — commit to multidisciplinary learning
  7. Continually practice & implement your learnings (watch one, do one, teach one)
  8. Develop a mental latticework within which to structure your thoughts and ideas
  9. Apply the principle of inversion to those problems that are difficult to solve conventionally
  10. You are entitled to an opinion on a subject only when you can state the facts against your position better than those who are supporting it: you should develop a keen understanding of the other side of the argument ~ unbiased communication is more effective!
  11. When trying to persuade appeal to interest and not to reason / logic
  12. Objectivity maintenance — pay special attention to the disconfirming evidence — to those facts against your initial position!
  13. Put the resources / practice and responsibility into the hands of those most willing to learn and grow
  14. Develop Planck knowledge: A first principles understanding of a particular subject / topic!
  15. Pursue that which you have an intense interest in: align your efforts with your interests!
  16. Sit on your ass until it’s done: an esoteric idea, that doesn’t serve others is useless!
  17. View every setback and every challenge as an opportunity to learn something new
  18. Under spend your income — save & invest the difference
  19. Set goals that align with your highest values and that are within your respective space-time horizons!

Avoid the following:

  1. Seeking approval & adoration from everyone
  2. Sloth and unreliability
  3. Adopting intense ideologies (putting your mind in chains)
  4. Publicly announcing your ideas and ideologies: what you shout out you pound in!
  5. Self-serving bias (what is good for you is not necessarily good for the greater civilization)
  6. Systems with perverse incentives: systems that encourage short term gratification over long term vision
  7. Envy, resentment, revenge
  8. Self-pity
  9. Say something syndrome: when in doubt it’s probably advisable to listen aand ask probing questions.
  10. Chemically induced states of euphoria on a repetitive / frequent / on-going basis
  11. Overtly sharing your thoughts and ideas with those who have not made a commitment to receiving them: Trying to convince yourself / validate your own ideas by having others adopt them! You mistakenly assume that the more people who buy into your idea the higher the probability of that idea being valid, however as is evidenced by this long list of “checks and balances” many people are making conclusions based on a very poor understanding of the facts!

This list is a very dynamic piece of content that I continually update, and although I believe there are a few fundamental / universal truths contained herein I am still quick to remove or refine something should I find enough evidence against a particular idea of theory.

In the words of the late Maya Angelou, “When you know better, you do better”