Sometimes you need a blank canvas

The brief tale of a programmer who quit his job for the unknown.

Today marks the day I am fully independent and free to explore new possibilities. I enjoyed much of my time with my previous company, the pay was very lucrative, I was programming on some complex problems, and worked with some very intelligent people. I just found myself getting unhappy, and my life in a circular path where nothing new transpired.

I realized that for me right now in life I need to be free to be creative, explore ideas, try new things, meet new people and prioritize these things over money. I want to be free to extend my own deadlines on an application if it means doing it right. I want to take a break from something and come back to it when inspired. I want to work until the sun rises and go to a diner vs an office in the morning.

I have my sights set on building a few of my own software product ideas. I have pages of ideas and some I feel would be very valuable to many companies. I also have a few friends who’ve expressed interest in collaboration. As of now I am not entirely sure where I’ll start. The blank canvas is the best part for me.

So I gave my notice, on-boarded a new senior developer, gave a very extensive documentation to my work and we parted ways as friends. It was very important for me to leave on good terms. Not only because they were very supportive and open minded but because it is every good developer’s job to leave somewhere better than they arrived and I wanted my name preserved.

Most would probably say that it is crazy to quit a great paying job without any specific direction. Especially considering that some people manage to build products while employed and quit once their idea has become successful.


  • I saved quite a bit before hand
  • I have experience as a freelancer
  • I managed to keep my living expenses low
  • I can pickup small side gigs in web design if needed
  • I wasn’t inspired while doing 10 hour shifts

I am writing this post because I don’t know exactly where I am headed. I am treating this post and future posts as breadcrumbs for me to look back at. Should this journey somewhere exciting, maybe these posts will act as insight for others to gain from.

Thanks for reading