What is good writing?

Good writing can be anything that tells an interesting story. Readers in this day and age are constantly looking for interesting information in short form content. One of the most interesting and my personal favorite forms of news media, is podcasts. The idea of being able to listen to news media while not being engaged in anything else is an old idea but podcasts have seemingly reignited the idea. Every morning I listen to the New York Times “The Daily Podcast. One episode this week caught my attention especially because of one of the articles it referenced. Richard Fausset didcusses in his article A Storm Forces Houston, the Limitless City, to Consider Its Limits the harsh reality, that the devastating flooding in Houston was due to poor city planning and over-zealous city expansion. This article struck me because usually around this time in a crisis the media coming out is mainly sympathetic and chases the typical narrative of sadness and then strength in regrowth, but this article took a different path. I think this article exemplifies good writing because it found a different path to take from the typical Hurricane grief story and found an interestig aspect of the event that many people would have never known about. In today’s ever changing social media world, mainstream news outlets have saturated consumers with the same story narratives so much that they tune them out. They have all heard these narratives before and are looking for new information on those storys. Our digital age is pushing more and more towards people doing their own research on social media to find the true story, so when mainstream media skews the actual story, this digital age tunes out. Writers must continually push themselves to find better and more interesting takes on a story. Good writing is something that can be informative, have an interesting take on a story, while keeping the story short enough to keep the attention of our ever increasing digital society.

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