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Dillon Doyle

Doc Searls

Yeah I guess I think my main point that maybe doesn’t come through is that I don’t think ‘ad tech’ should being thrown around as a totally generalized umbrella and blamed for the state of digital ads.

I’m also uneasy about a binary generalization that ‘surveillance based advertising = ad tech.’ or just your views on surveillance based advertising in general.

Advertisers and publishers have been surveilling users for a very long time, way before the internet. If you don’t know how many people on average pass by a billboard, or read a periodical, or watch a broadcast show (and more specifically which people) than advertising is kind of reduced to a scattershot — which might work for the handful of big Brand CPG corporations — but not for me or my clients.

It’s kind of like the never ending argument of if a gun kills people or does the person firing the gun kill people.

Putting aside your definition of ‘ad tech’ and surveillance, a lot of what you complain about I would put on advertisers and publishers not the tech.

I think you’re arguing for less tracking, less shity ads (100 http requests for 1 banner, less data leakage) which is totally valid but you should specifically address those issues.

I would rather see super targeted personalized ads, paid at a high cpm, than the shit I see on most publishers sites today (and the shit way it’s loaded through 10 iframes with 100 http requests, and 5 or 6 parties between ad buyer and publisher, and data leakage everywhere.)

FB is winning this race for a better ad ecosystem and expanding FAN at a quick pace.

But I would guess you’re against this type of targeting/advertising.

But for me, this is a good solution to many of the problems I have with the digital ad ecosystem today — the promise land of better targeted ads, that only load a couple tiny resources that an actual human has seen, that are actually relevant and personalized, tied directly back into sales or whatever KPI you care about. And I’m actually excited to see more competition coming down the pipe in terms of offering FB style advertising across the web from other parties besides FB (internet hate rain upon me, I work to elect Democrats and am excited to see some ISPs compete against FB for the future of better advertising).

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