The Best Job You Can Get Today

Wondering about the true future of modern business?

While outsourcing receives a lot of undeserved, negative attention for paying people too little and taking away jobs, this could not be further from the truth. I’ll keep the rant brief, but keep reading to hear why digital outsourcing represents the future of business.


First, freelancers make a lot of money but charge much less. How could this be? Well, digital outsourcing makes it so that people are just paid for the time they spend actually working — letting you carry on with you business without worrying about paying employees for sitting behind their desk watching NASCAR (seriously, people actually watch cars drive in circles). The goal of freelancing is to eliminate the necessity of hiring based on geographic proximity by taking advantage of the Internet — email, phone calls, Skype, browsing, etc.

This doesn’t mean freelance workers are paid less, though. In fact, the average contractor makes roughly 45 percent more than a salaried employee. This is because freelancers are paid at a higher hourly rate than many full-time, typical employees. What makes freelancers unique is their ability to balance a variety of tasks so that, for example, if they work hard for 4–5 hours a day, freelancers earn just as much money as full-time employees.

Another thing to note is that freelancers frequently live in countries where the dollar has a higher value than in the United States. Of the ten countries with the most freelancers globally, only the United Kingdom (number nine) has a stronger currency than the US dollar (USD). Why does this matter? It means that the money paid to freelancers, usually based on the USD, has a higher value than the currency where the workers live, letting them live a higher quality of life than if they earned through a domestic job.

Quality of Work

Does this come at the expense of work quality?

Just the opposite. Since the contractors earn more, the process is more selective. Typically, freelancers from these countries have skills worth more than their domestic economy can easily afford.

Furthermore, this is the 21st century. In the words of Regina George, “stop trying to make [nativism] happen. It’s not going to happen.”

What makes hiring someone who lives near you more important than hiring someone who doesn’t? The most innovative companies don’t worry about where their employees come from — if they’re the best, they’re the best. Where workers live is mostly irrelevant in the age of the Internet because you can contact someone via email quicker than walk across the hallway.

Modern economic integration has successfully transitioned the world away from the need to fear hiring abroad. Countries rely on each other much more than you’d expect. If you help another countries’ economy out, chances are that you’re also helping your own out because of export/import dependencies and the trickle-down effect outsourcing has on domestic employment value and innovation.

Risk analysis

Does this mean freelancing is risk-free?

I’ll counter-question this: is anything in business truly risk-free? Freelancing is full of risks. You have to worry about the quality of work, ensure it’s not a scam, and if they stop responding to you it’s not exactly great.

Don’t worry though.

As the economy has become increasingly intertwined with digital freelancing, credible, guarantee-based sites have popped up. The best sites tend to be freelance managers — those who curate freelancers and keep a list of their favorite experienced freelancers whom can be contacted at any time.

The Catch

What’s the catch with these sites?

To be frank, they typically cost a little bit more. Taking my bias into account (I’m a co-founder of a curated freelance site), the extra amount is generally worth it. You don’t have to worry about your service being hit-or-miss and can easily get a manager on the phone if you’re still not completely sold.

In addition, these sites tend to have more talented freelancers because they let the worker focus on their talent instead of worrying about the business side of things, such as obtaining clients.

So close your Craigslist job ads and start looking into curated freelance services. Not only will you save time, but you will also make more money.