5 Productivity Tools/Workflow for Digital Creatives

I’m a workflow nerd and love seeing the tools other people use for their day-to-day work. I decided to stop consuming and share my current setup.

Dillon Raphael
Jan 13, 2016 · 3 min read

1. Trello + Epichrome

here are many list and todo apps out there, and I’ve probably tried all of them. My favourite turns out to be Trello. The price can’t be beat (Free.99) and the flexibility is close to a teenage gymnast.

You can create a “Workspace” per project, then create lists for categories of tasks (eg. Marketing, Ideas etc..) Tasks are called cards where you can invite other people to collaborate.

I have one workspace named “GSD” (GSD = Get Shit Done). I keep GSD simple, a list for blog topics, todo and doing.

Epichrome is an open source mac application that wraps websites in it’s own application container. It’s very easy to use and can be downloaded here.

2. Transmit

The BEST FTP client. Ever. The design is impeccable and the whole thing is just smooth and fast. I have a server setup with Digital Ocean and use a service called Server Pilot. It allows me to upload multiple sites in one Digital Ocean droplet.

With Transmit, I created a droplet that connects to a directory on my server and save my design mockups with a simple drag and drop.

3. Infinit

Sometimes I just need to send a quick file. Infinit uses P2P tech and is REALLY fast. You can also send up to 10GB for free! This is great for transferring huge Photoshop files to developers. Did I mention how fast it is?

4. Fantastical 2

My life would be a mess without this. You can get really focused in a project and completely forget about the “other” stuff that goes on with life. Fantastical has a great text parser, so I can type in human — “Doctor appointment tomorrow at 2”, and have the appointment added quickly to my calendar.

5. Email Tracker

I email a lot people through out the day. Something that helps deal with my anxiety is Email tracking. I like to know when someone reads my message. This helps me determine the best times to email that person. If they didn’t respond, I make a mental note to send a final follow up the week after.

I’ve been using Bananatag (love the name) recently. My only issue is that it only works with gmail. Currently waiting for Polymail.

6. Moleskin Sketchbook

If you don’t have a sketchbook, go get one. Specifically Moleskin, they’re the best. There is a huge disconnect between paper and mocking up ideas in Photoshop. I’ve made it a habit to sketch any idea, character, or thought inside a notebook. I then will use the sketchbook as reference when transferring digitally. There is a reason why all the historic creatives have hidden notebooks lying around. It’s actually scary to see how many people DON’T use a sketchbook.

– Dillon Raphael


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