Why I Created Listant?

While common thought is that a great new business idea comes in the form of an epiphany, I beg to differ. For me, there wasn’t one single moment in which I thought “I have to do this, it’s time to do this”, but rather a series of events throughout my life that led me to create Listant.

I contribute the creation of Listant to two main areas: Where I grew up, and who I am.

My value of community is heavily influenced by where I grew up: Iowa. When I say ‘Iowa’, most people will immediately think of corn and flat land; I think of the people and the strong communities they built. I was fortunate to be surrounded by genuine, kind-hearted, and helpful people that shared a great sense of community. People routinely go out of their way to help their neighbors by shoveling driveways after a snowfall, pitching in with yard work, or by coming together to overcome any other issue that our neighborhood faced.

Growing up in this environment of selflessness is what led me to the foundational idea of Listant: Neighbors helping Neighbors. However, the piece of the puzzle that seemed to be missing was the connections. I knew there was an opportunity to accomplish even more…If only everyone knew about and had access to the opportunities to do so.

Sarah’s neighbor, John from two blocks over, would probably be glad to mow her lawn for her, but how would he know that it needs to be done? There needed to be a way for those connections be be made; I knew Listant could be the solution.

I have always been the type of person who values simplicity, and I knew that Listant needed to hold simplicity as a virtue. Whether it is studying for a test, shoveling snow, or doing the dishes, I always look for the most efficient way to get things done. The dots began to connect, and from people, community, and simplicity, Listant was born.

Listant enhances and expands neighborly connections to benefit all members of your community. Whether it is connecting with a neighbor to walk your dog so you can study for a big test, or shoveling your neighbor’s sidewalk because they just had surgery, Listant is there for both the one who works and the one who outsources.

As we finish up our final week of development and testing, our team could not be more excited to bring Listant into your community, and communities all around the world!