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Yet another meetup I attended:Having focus channels for your marketing strategy and tailoring your strategies to keep your up to speed is crucial.

Hardest thing nowadays is to find right strategies to differentiate yourself in a noisy environment. And being aware of your strengths can help you to build something better in the long run. At the meet up that I participated lately, managers of the company emphasized on the existence of two focus channels for their content marketing strategy. Without almost any budget, They achieved in being their purpose of building an audience .Of course the key to their success was keep focusing on quality , rather than quantity. It is obvious that with articles being published every second, to be able to stand out among others, you have to give audience something special with an analytical approach lies behind of it. The firm build their content strategy around a spoke and hub model interestingly with skipping one step which focusing on keywords or SEO. But by time as they realize they’re growing , they started to change their approach by applying SEO gradually. Rather than focusing on first page, They focused a single key word which is ‘product launch’ and tried to work on it to have that word in the first page.As they showed us the sample of the articles. I was amazed by how creative and intimate they are.No signing up process were required.Yet, they converted their leads at a 90% rate.Finding disruptive and creative ways to communicate with your audience is highly likely to pay off.

Briefly put, Key takeaways that I got from this meet up were:

Timing and focus matters when you add up new channel.

Streaming your content through different mediums and formats gives you better conversion rates such as publishing your articles in the form of podcasts based on I tunes bench marking data or publishing through both your own website and platforms such as Medium increases the probability of being seen by others.

Asking opinion from advisors before you publish is important to make sure you’re on the right track.

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