Keep searching, keep looking …

Stay hungry, stay foolish — Steve Jobs

Yes, you read between the lines. What brought you here? Curiosity? Great, read on! Welcome here, where I am going to encourage you to keep your passion for learning and growing alive! I heard somewhere that, we don’t do the same thing for the rest of our lives. I would say “it depends”. The point is to keep doing and keep searching.

This world is boundless. This may not be the only universe. There may be other intelligent species who have not contacted us — says Carl Sagan. He was right, we cannot say something don’t exist just because it did not appeared in our vision system. Our vision is limited, we are unable to see/hear/perceive all the full spectrum of frequency that might be available. According to many the country who will be great in AI will rule the world. Probably what we are trying to achieve in science is already out there but we don’t know because we are limited by our vision.

According to Brian Greene this world is a lot different than we know it. The possibilities are too many that even NP (hard/complete) term might fail. I wish we had all the answers that makes this world go round. “Stay hungry, stay foolish” — says Steve jobs.

Time is valuable and cannot be wasted doing thing that does not benefit you, not worth it. There are limitless opportunities that comes with access to internet, smart phone and technology. You can become anything at the tip of a button.

All you need is to be “curious” to learn what is valuable and helps you grow personally and professionally, period!