The Rightful Place Of Your Pet

Mimi is a small 12 years old child and the only daughter of her parents. Her most beloved best friend is her pet Lucy. At home, Lucy never leaves Mimi alone. They take their meal, bath etc together.

Mimi belongs to an affluent family. They have huge properties and they are very organized too. They have also made Will in favor of minor Mimi. They created a trust through their Will by keeping an important thing in their mind that this trust will maintain all the expenses of Mimi in future.

Mimi’s parents suddenly meet with an accident. They could not survive and were declared dead. She starts missing her mother in every step of her life. She starts missing the cuddles, mother’s love & the bed time stories.

Mimi’s future has been secured but she feels lonely in her life. Lucy plays a great role in this crucial period of Mimi’s life. Gradually Mimi’s life is getting engulfed with lot of love & joy from Lucy. She always apprehends and prays to God everyday “please God do not snatch away Lucy from my life as my parent.”

Lucy is a German Shepherd Dog who always tried to play the role of Mimi’s parent. Lucy’s body is covered with long black & brown fur. She has lucrative, bright black intelligent eyes and cold black nose which would nudge Mimi to wake her in morning. Lucy has fugitive nature thus she forces Mimi to go with her for morning walk. She usually waits at the door of the wash room whenever Mimi goes to wash room. Not only this, she helps in Mimi’s regular work. Lucy made everyone busy and impatient by her naughty behavior. In spite of having a family, Lucy gives more companionship and attention to Mimi. Since the life time of the parents of Mimi, Lucy became habituated to do these things and taking care of Mimi. Now Lucy is a 9 years old dog but she had been brought in this family when Lucy was only one week’s puppy. Within these nine years Lucy became a perfect and responsible family member in this family.

One day, suddenly, Lucy falls sick due to irregular vaccine course and other treatment/ care. The trust which has created by the parents of Mimi, is authorized to look after and manage the expenditure of Mimi only. Thus the trust is not authorized to bear the huge expenditure for maintaining Lucy. The said trust separates Lucy from Mimi according to the suggestion of family physician of Mimi. The family Doctor suspects that Mimi would get affected by the infection/ germs of Lucy. This separation has manifold effects on Mimi. She starts crying, skipping meals. She could not concentrate in her studies. Everyone around Mimi thinks she is missing her parents. But the truth is that she is missing her sole companion. This mental condition leads to serious psychological mental disorder.

One fine morning, the news of Lucy’s death comes to her knowledge through her servant “Rita Di”. Thereafter, she went into great trauma and decided to finish her life without her best friend and her parents. She feels as if she has no one of her own. One fine day, without informing anything to anybody, the 12 years old girl jumps from the terrace of the fourth floor building.

Though this case is an extreme of its kind the author here aims at spreading awareness. When pets are like our family members they too have a place in our Will.

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