See you around…

Five years ago, in the spacious co-working space at the Telephone Chamber downtown Sofia, started one of the greatest journeys of my life in what was a new world to me — the world of entrepreneurship, innovation, startups, pitches, and events. And it was the best time of my life.

But, as Milos used to say, times, they are a changing. Now, five years later, and after hundreds of great founders and startups, thousands of pitches, scores of events, and many thousands of kilometers, it is time for me to move on.

But before that, I want to say thanks to each and everyone that was part of that journey. Whether we agreed or not, worked together or competed, had fun or stressed out, you are the ones that kept me going. You will always be a part of me, as the time we spent together changed me and, I want to believe, made me a better man. Everyday I learned from you. And for that, I am grateful.

Together, we achieved a lot. We kick-started the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Bulgaria and catalyzed the formation of the startup communities in the whole region. We were there for the entrepreneurs who followed their dreams and worked hard, so they don’t have to go alone in the woods (hvala, Dejane).

To every founder, investor, startup organization, event organizer, mentor, and friend out there — you did a tremendous job! You helped inspire so many people to believe they can make a difference, that this change cannot be undone. So I stand today more hopeful than I was, when we started five years ago.

But for all the progress we have made, it is still not enough. There is a lot more ground to cover, more work to be done before the ecosystem makes a full revolution and becomes self sustainable. But I worry not, as I hand over my duty in great hands - Eleven is in great shape, now that my friends Daniel, Ivaylo, Peter, and Belizar joined forces with Nikola Yanev and Vassil Terziev, so more great things are cooking and about to happen. Good luck, guys, and godspeed. And I will always stay #oneof11.

Goodbyes are always hard, and even more so if you loved something with all your heart. And I did, and enjoyed every single day. So instead (to quote my favorite Doctor), See you around, everyone. Till the next time.

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