If rest for you means not only skiing, restaurants, a glass of mulled wine, and other apré-ski joys but also relax with meditation, enjoy five chalets with an incomparable view. These chalets are real art galleries where the paintings are made by nature itself.


Where do you think the largest ski resorts on earth are located? In France! They are all concentrated around the highest mountain in Europe — Mont Blanc. Read our guide and find the best resort for your ski holidays. The first part is about Courchevel.

The mysterious fact is that a collection of about 100 various beaches find a place on this small island. Whether you are looking for idyllic snow-white or exotic black sand beaches, the ones with restaurants near the edge of the surf or those with chaise longues, the isolated romantic ones, and those posh and cheerful. We chose the top 9 beaches for you! Each of them is the best in its category. Ready to learn about the most interesting beaches on the island?


It would be no exaggeration to say that Bingin Beach is a surfer’s dream that came true…

A rail journey along one of the unique panoramic routes will be a jewel of a trip to Switzerland at any time of the year. Choose the right one suitable for you by time and place of departure and arrival and you will get the opportunity to get to know the country from a completely new perspective.


The scenic Glacier Express is just what you need if you set up for vacations in Zermatt and have a free day to see fantastic alpine landscapes, which you cannot reach either on foot or by car. The Glacier Express is the best…


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