LAU Students Using Their Power On Cats

By Dima Dib

Abused cat found on campus, LAU Beirut
Cat with one eye after being abused

Abusing cats on campus was and still a problem. Students who abuse cats may have many different reasons leading them to harm them.

According to an email sent by Dr. Raed Mohsen, Dean of Students, abusing and harming cats on campus is unacceptable. Cats are part of the university’s community.

A girl playing with the cat

The student’s mentality and background are one of the most important reasons that push him reacting in a bad way towards a cat.

“Some students are taught at home, by their own parents, that cats are dirty,” said Dr.Ali El Moussawi, a veterinary at the LES ACACIAS Beirut pet hospital and hotel.

There are some psychological reasons behind abusing cats too. According to Ask the Psychologist, Dr. George Simon, with a PhD in clinical psychology from Texas Tech University, relates the abuser’s reaction to the notion of power.

Cats are considered weaker than humans. Someone who could not exercise power over a human finds it easier harming cats or any other animal.

Business student not being disturbed by the cat and studying normally

Rita Allam, majoring in business, is one of many students who don’t like cats and don’t feel comfortable with their presence on campus. Still, she is against abusing them.

“It disturbs me when a cat comes and sits next to me while eating in the Business Building area,” said Allam, “harming them is not a solution; we can find other solutions to this problem.”

However, abused cats can react negatively to what is happening to them on campus.

“An abused cat can become much more aggressive than before,” El Moussawi said, “or on the contrary it can be isolated from its environment.”

The Nest points out that a cat has the ability to recognize a smell, a voice, a clap… After relating these factors to an abusive incident, the cat defends itself from them.

Cat hiding from LAU students

We can still find cats lovers at LAU who enjoy having them around and spending time with them. Eva Sakr, a marketing student, appreciates cats and loves them.

“Having cats walking around the campus at LAU is a beautiful thing, it actually adds something special to it,” Sakr said.

We can still find students who accept the presence of the cats and love them.

Last but not least, many actions can be done by a student to stop the increase of the number of cats abused. According to Rania Dabaghi, BETA board member and volunteer coordinator, someone can for example spread the message on social media, or stop the abuse if it is happening not just witness it. This is what LAU students can do to stop these criminal acts.


· Eva Sakr, marketing student

· Rita Allam, business student

· Dr.Ali El Moussawi, a veterinary at the LES ACACIAS Beirut pet hospital and hotel.




· Email sent by Dr. Raed Mohsen, Dean of Students

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