The Future of Web Development: Coding as a Service
Matthew Biggins

Thank you for putting this idea out there! We have frameworks that sprang up to deal with the fact that most software products share features, and most development needs are not unique. So this is the logical next step.

Completely agree with one possible caveat: CaaS model will most likely thrive in specific task verticals. Right now, when I talk to a customer or advise a friend, I pretty much have a set list of “onboarding” questions. Would be fairly easy to automate these. The real moments of thought come when the people on the other end go “off script.” Most of the time I have to “reign them back in” i.e. inexperience gets them to talk about visual design steps before they are done describing core business goals to me. But sometimes I realize that the product is actually quite unique and does require a few extra steps of customization. Both of us need to get out of the familiar patterns on these occasions.

I think that much like the AI sector, which produces amazing expert-systems, the CaaS companies will specialize in solving specific major feature sets (multisided markets, social media apps, calendaring, etc) with human developers coming in to do customized feature touchups.

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