This is the blog posts in which we try to outline our experience regarding the engineering at HARA. HARA is a blockchain-based data exchange for the food sector and provides farmers and all agriculture player access to reliable data and transactions. If you want to know HARA in depth, please check our medium page.

Today, many company used terraform as a tools for configure their favorite cloud infrastructure. This will makes their configuration more accurate and well documented, we know this as Infrastructure-as-Code (IAC). No exception at HARA, we used terraform to build our cloud infrastructure because they provides many benefits. We also use serverless framework to deploy application on serverless architecture. Everything is great, but today we are not going to talk about this two or other tools. There is another way to build infrastructure as well as serverless on cloud that is Pulumi and we decide to explore this tool as alternative. …

Dimas Adinugroho

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