Can we count the similarities between Melanie Trump and Michelle Obama Speech in percentage? Yes we can!

First draft, already been published in my blog

It’s already 2016, the moment of American in choosing their next president. The vibes is spreading all around the world. The candidates put their best attempt to catch public eyes, one of best way is by showing the candidate of first lady.

The tension between both candidate first lady and incumbent first lady are rising high

At this moment, Donald trump requested his wife to give a speech during the candidacy moment. Instead of being awesome, Melanie trump was alleged to copy a speech from Michelle Obama in 2008.

Is it true that Melanie is copying? Lets take a look on their speech.

Speech of Michelle 2008 and Melanie 2016

We are going to use a software, named Tessy, acronym of Test of literature similarities. This software able to count the similarity and transform it into percentage. This software also able to show in which part the plagiarism is literally happening. This software was originally made by Didi Achjari, Aman Rohiman, and Dimas Mukhlas. Recently you can register with your facebook account for free to try this software or doing any adhoc comparison.

The first stepp is login to the system

Now you could try this app by using your facebook account

The next step is click adhoc menu as a method that we are going to use

Choosing the similarity comparison methods

The third step is putting Melanie file as a Testee or object to be tested and Michelle as a tester. You can either choose the object based on files [PDF] or text.

Input the similarity based on text

Dont forget to hit comparison button

The detail verification of adhoc comparison

Lets take a look the similarity

Percentage of similarity between two file

After couple seconds process, it seems that the similarity of Melanie trump speech is 50.88% in comparison to Michelle Obama speech in 2008. As an analogy, if we have 100 pages book, around 50 pages were copied. Quite huge number.

The methodology of this comparison is explained here, let say we have document A as a “Testee” and document B as a “Tester”. Document B will take a look, how similar is the document A in comparison with document B. If 50% of document A content is taken from document B, then the system will record it as 50% plagiarism. Therefore the number of percentage will vary if the range of sample are broaden or the placement of Testee and Tester are changed.

To sum up, this article is written only to support the evidence of allegation of plagiarism act, conducted by Melania Trump. Whether there was a plagiarism act within her side or not, is not a call for this app. However this evidence support the allegation that Melanie Trump copied Michelle Obama speech, or perhaps she was inspired by Michelle. God knows.