The Purpose

Wandering through my memories, I remembered an episode, it was 1996, I was 10, third grade in the first grade, and there I was in the classroom talking to my classmates, when we had an idea, put games on our clocks and make Our smart watches, we gathered a crowd, it was 10 crazy young people trying to change something, our watches. My aunt worked next to a computer store, at the time they sold some types of loose circuits, I asked her to buy these circuits anyway to put on the watches, obviously, we only trashed them and did not create anything, and had to pay the loss in our watches :D

It was a little out of our knowledge, but the feeling was so strong that we were doing something so great, so immeasurable for us, that it took hold and gave us the courage to break any limit there.

At this moment I experienced one of the most fantastic sensation of my life, a blind force that took care of us, which was the saying-whose purpose, I remember the feeling of seeing my colleagues working focused, having crazy ideas for our watch, was so incredible in hour, I remember in detail until today, the sensation, as it was yesterday.

From this moment everything in my life took a different turn, I wanted to swim in this feeling deeper, I thought: this is too much! In parallel to this, I was a boy with a very high ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) and at the time had a picture of epilepsy, caused by a rare syndrome, called Myoclonic Dystonia (I want to know years later), at last I was out of the curve, no one had yet found the correct diagnosis, only guesses, assumptions, disconnected information.

Jobs was very right when he said that just connect the dots to understand the real meaning of everything.

It was then that, years later, in 2015, in connecting the points, understanding the purpose that started behind in trying to create a ‘fun clock’, became something much bigger: The purpose of saving lives and making the trajectory of who, like me, is off the curve, being more dignified and less painful. Thus was born H-Science, where we use artificial intelligence to help diagnose rare diseases. From the transformation of what could be my biggest nightmare, in a real purpose to bring a quality of life to those who need it most.

People have trivialized the real meaning of “purpose.” They want to find in the world a purpose for them, instead of finding within them a purpose that will serve the world. When we channel the purpose of everything to our wants, to satisfy our ego and our vanity, he dies with us. But if we project this to plant something useful for everything, it spreads, multiplies!

And what is yours? :)