Insight Post 3: Super Bowl ads/ Humpty Fail

The ad is about Turbo Tax, the narrative is a famous story of Humpty falling off of a wall they use this story to persuade people to do taxes. I think that the ad’s target audience and tone is humorous because it uses a story that is a fairytale to advertise. The company was identified when Humpty was already broken and the police asked what happened here, so they grabbed the phone out of Humpty’s hand and it said Turbo Tax. The ad has narrative structure, the exposition being something wrong happened, the rising action is the men running to Humpty, the climax is they see Humpty broken, and the resolution is that he was doing Turbo Tax on his phone, and it shows him getting better in the hospital. Keith A. Quesenberry’s research on narrative structure, fits pretty well with this ad, I think that this ad has a great structure that will stay with the viewers. The Bud Lights ad “Between Friends” does a good job but not as much as Humpty Fail, Humpty Fail has more narrative and sticks with the viewer and is more emotional and humorous at the same time. I think that Bud Light’s ad has a lot of emotional aspects to it but the connection between humor and emotion is not there as much as it is in Humpty Fail, both of these ads are very strong, I just believe that Humpty Fail is going to stay with the viewers more than Between Friends due to its creativity. The fact that the ad used a fictional character is unique and will stay with the ad, and the product being advertised is well showed within the ad. When the ad was almost over Humpty said why are all of these people asking about me doing taxes on the wall, and he said the answer was because he can. Those last words, although simple makes the viewers believe that doing taxes is really easy, so it effectively advertises the company.