Could a Personal Health Record system be cool? I guess so!

If Google Health failed because consumers did not see the value of a PHR, how a platform for sharing exams can be interesting?

MedCloud is a Cloud Computing platform for exams access and sharing. Differently than ordinary patient portals, MedCloud is aimed to provide patients with the best experience in accessing and sharing exams as well as to bring them benefits with a new digital experience, such as:

  • Accessing all exams in real time, anytime, anywhere;
  • Keeping medical history centralized. It can be shared with a new doctor when necessary;
  • Digitally interacting with a specialist in a virtual pre-appointment;
  • Listening to the voice of a diagnostician explaining test results in simple terms;
  • Full-time storage of exams of any type;
  • Easy re-appointments and improvement of the Doctor-Patient relationship.
A new experience in accessing, understanding and sharing exams — regardless of media or modality. Digital interaction, accessibility and collaboration to improve healthcare.

By prioritizing the patient at the center of all processes, clinics adopt a loyalty approach, creating a digital interface for the engagement of patients and health professionals. MedCloud can be integrated with any equipment, software or medical device and drastically reduces the use of printed media by the clinics, favoring the environment with the digital sharing of diagnostics.

Thanks to the large volume of information and approaches of Data Science and Big Data, MedCloud provides trivial means of research and scientific analysis for the sake of good health. MedCloud respects the privacy of patient data and has ways of using clinical, demographic and statistical data in the prevention of diseases and monitoring of chronic patients.

Due to the regulation of Councils of Medicine, diagnostic companies must store reports, pictures and related information produced as a result of the execution of tests for at least 20 years. Also, diagnostic clinics have increasingly sought ways to engage patients and healthcare professionals along with excellence in services, transforming the exams in the best possible experience, from the scheduling of the procedure to the access to diagnosis.

However, patients do not have their tests in digital format in a simple and practical manner. Several times they do not have control of their medical information as the real owners of this information.

The lack of empowerment in many cases end up forcing patients to repeat tests unnecessarily, after all, who among us has never lost an exam or forgotten a report to a medical return visit?

Because of the diversity of information and internal systems of diagnostic clinics, patients end up not counting with the centralization of their digital medical history, regardless of the type of procedure or examination performed. More than just a temporary digital access to a report in text format, clinics and diagnostic centers seek to rely on means that provide cost reduction, interoperability and integration into existing workflows, all combined with an affordable cost in the acquisition of a software solution.

The old bag of tests has given way to smartphones and tablets. Thanks to the popularization of mobile devices with Internet access, our mobile approach allows flexibility for the use of medical information anytime, anywhere.

Okay, patients are not that interested in ENTERING their data into a PHR, but what about receive diagnoses and interacting with healthcare professionals, anywhere, anytime?

More than a simple cardiac monitoring in applications for physical activity, MedCloud believes in the power of patient empowerment with access to their diagnostic and digital interactivity with clinics and health professionals, aimed at improving the quality of life and health of patients.

Public-private partnerships are also well seen by the company, as the help of such initiatives along with our solutions favor the offer of a greater number of tests to the base of the pyramid. By reducing printing, operation and transaction costs, we seek to foster exams in deprived areas by establishing ourselves as an alternative and digital media for access to diagnostics.

As a result of the flexibility of the MedCloud technology, small, medium and large companies in the diagnostic segment can integrate their information through a simple and affordable SaaS business model, which is free for patients and health professionals. After all, if health is our greatest asset, we deserve a specialist service for managing such information. Connectivity for the sake of life!