Uhhhm owk, so in driving Entrepreneurial values, I think covenant university is doing a superb job. It’s fast becoming the Stanford of Nigerian universities (Stanford has produced about 40,000 companies)

Owk so this post is not to brag about my school but to talk about the many industries and opportunities for entrepreneurship in Covenant University... Hehe let’s dive in.

FASHION : Fashion in CU has always been ghen ghen! So many people own clothing lines —too many people if you ask me, but the fashion industry in Covenant University is definitely a thriving one.

MODELLING : I honestly don’t know how this totally works but Covenant University is full of models. Actually, everybody and anybody can model but the then some people are just professionals.

PHOTOGRAPHY : Ahhh.... Almost everyone in covenant university wants to be a photographer, or thinks that they have the skills necessary to become one. There are a lot of very professional photographers with magic hands like;Sipo of Stjphotography, Knd media, and a lot great guys..... Then there the ones my friend Tochi would call “teenagers with cameras” 😂😂😂 anyways photography in CU is nothing short of amazing.

CINEMATOGRAPHY : of recent the number of cinematographers/filmmakers and videographers has been on the rise.. Lead by the likes of Roosevelt of Chroma media, Ezekiel of Tag media, Fiyin Gambo of Clip,Moses of ME inspired..... These guys are my personal hero’s .... They have inspired a new generation of motion pictures enthusiasts.

FOOD : if I failed to mention this then I have mezz up, I remember the days when coming back to the hall late and missing cafe wasn’t that of a big worry because the punch guys would definitely be around haha..... Selling food in the halls of residence thought illegal- can be quite lucrative over the years. I’ve met guys that sold biscuits to indomie to 500 rice to gala and they made huge profits. Infact, A few days ago, my dad meet an eagle (a CU graduate) who said she paid her school fees by selling indomie in the hall.... Even I was shocked .

Now we have a more legal food business by the name MOBILE WAITER.

MAKE UP : this is another one that has a lot of people.... Ahhhh make up artists in CU are plenty like too much sef!! Tho some people just claim make up artist cause that can do make up others are quite professional at what they do.

GRAPHICS DESIGN : A lot of graphic designers have been popping up of late, and well they are needed. Guys with dynamic skill from visual effects and photo manipulation ,to motion graphics guys and even Ui designers.

WEB AND MOBILE DESIGN : The developer community in Covenant University keeps growing every semester, they are beginning to take centre stage as their importance in growing a business can no longer be over looked.

WRITING : I almost forgot this area. CU has a lot of writers; some own blogs and others don’t, but one thing is sure, they are quite talented. Some time ago I had the privilege to shoot a video for Kevin water’s vlog featuring writers like Kenneth Olusanya, Muyiwa Ogunmade, Leke (the formal writer), Gabriella and Faiti, extremely awesome people with glowing personal and I can’t fail to mention Alexandra. The writers community is growing with script writers, poem writers, spoken words ,I think the should be hyped as much as developers.

FIT IT STORES : Owk I made that up, but only because I don’t know what to name it, sha am talking about the laptops and electronic gadgets repair guys ,since I entered school they keep popping up, and people patronize them for some reason I personally can’t; well probably because my laptop has never had any issues tho.

MUSIC : how could I almost forget this!!!!! Well probably because I’m not that much of a Music person. but CU is raising a lot of musical talents, and not just the Singers, we have expert drummers, saxophonists, guitarists etc.

ART : Artists are beginning to find a place in the CU business circle — from sketch artists to painters, to digital painters they are growing it’s a talent that can be quickly turned to a business.

Owk so I think that’s all I can remember for now... As it comes to me I will update it.

One thing for sure Covenant University is full of opportunities wait for you to explore and utilize. It’s the best place to develop and test out your entrepreneurial skills.

Do you you think I left out an industry let me know in the comments section, have a nice day!! 😃