Dimecoin Network & Plaak Joint Venture Negotiation

Dimecoin Network, LLC is pleased to announce that it is currently in negotiations with Plaak PTE. LTD in the effort to seek and explore the potential of establishing a joint venture. The joint venture would focus on obtaining the appropriate licensure required to operate and maintain exchange services within the jurisdiction of the United States of America. Thus, granting Plaak’s exchange platform and blockchain services the ability to function within the U.S.A — simultaneously, this will provide seamless fungibility for Dimecoin Network, LLC and their payment services.

Additionally, this collaboration looks to expand the global outreach of both companies while helping bridge the gap between traditional government-backed fiat and cryptocurrency.

About Plaak

Plaak PTE. LTD offers a variety of services which function through the use of blockchain technology operating on a single application. Their platform, Plaak Core, utilizes advanced biometrics for enhanced user security that is second to none.

To learn more about Plaak visit: www.plaak.com

About Dimecoin Network

Dimecoin Network, LLC’s focus is on becoming a leading global payment solution which centers around the integration of their blockchain technology through the development of their Simplified Point of Sale systems and p2p payment solutions.

To learn more about Dimecoin Network visit: www.dimecoinnetwork.com

Negotiations are still on-going. The specifics of the agreement are currently not finalized. This deal is subject to both parties’ approvals and execution of final legal documentation by all pertinent parties.