Come And Be The First To Receive Red Packet On Twitter!

Jan 24 · 4 min read
#Maskbook #MakerDAO The First Red Packet on Twitter

Tomorrow (2020 Jan 25th) is the Chinese New Year, Maskbook ( and MakerDAO ( will jointly launch the “Twitter Red Packet 🧧” campaign during the holiday season.

Red Packet is a way for Chinese to bestow blessings and happiness on receivers during Spring Festival. Tomorrow, as long as you‘ve installed Maskbook Chrome/Firefox plugin and follow @realMaskbook on Twitter, you may receive the very first USD-pegged stablecoin red packet on twitter.

We will randomly put some DAI in each red packet. With Maskbook, you will be able to participate in this campaign by claiming and giving out Red Packet 🧧 on Twitter. You can pack ETH, DAI etc in your Red Packet 🧧. Share the joy and happiness of new year with your friends and followers by giving out lucky money!

What are Maskbook and MakerDAO ?

Maskbook is a layer on top of the current Web that allows users to post encrypted messages/assets publicly on social platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. Start to use Maskbook today with our free plugin!

MakerDAO is one of the earliest DAO and smart contract system on Ethereum that provides USD-pegged stable coin DAI.

What you need to know

The campaign will start on January 24th (Chinese New Year’s Eve) (PST).

In the following 3 days, we will send several Red Packets 🧧 through @realMaskbook and @MakerDAO respectively from 10 am to 22 pm.

Friends of Maskbook and MakerDAO, including several Twitter influencers will also participate in our campaign, you can also follow them to join the Red Packet lucky draw. We will RT their Red Packet on twitter as well.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Q: How To Participate?

If you haven’t installed Maskbook, what you will see is a static image or preview:

Once you installed Maskbook, the preview you saw will come alive, and the red packet will become claimable:

Each Red Packet 🧧 can be divided into up to 50 shares. Claim your lucky money once you see a Red Packet on timeline! You don’t need any gas fee for claiming a Red Packet.

What you will receive is a decentralized anonymous Red Packet. After receiving the Red Packet, we encourage you to resent it on your own timeline to share the New Year blessings with your Twitter followers (you will need some ETH as the gas fee).

Q: How to install Maskbook?

Click here to install. You can also search Maskbook in Chrome Web Store or Firefox Add-on Store. Here is a step-by-step guide of how to install Maskbook.

  • Note: We suggest that you put your public key (your identifier) in your bio so that other Maskbook users can find you. This is optional, you can still send/claim Red Packet and post encrypted tweet without put your public key in your bio. Read more here.
  • Meanwhile, please keep your private key in a safe place, otherwise you won’t be able to recover your identity and assets linked to your identity. You can back up your Persona(identity) by taking the following steps: click Maskbook button on your browser — Enter Dashboard — backup. For back up your wallet, read here.

Q: How to send a Red Packet?

Here is a step-by-step instruction .

Q: How to claim Red Packet and where to find the lucky money received?

Here is a step-by-step instruction .

Q: Why the red packet status is always pending?

Pending means that people are competing to claim the red packet at the same time and you will able to see if you are the winner after the transaction is validated (depending on the confirmation time of Ethereum blockchain). Wish you the best of luck!


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