Due to the amount of educational video content available, you need to learn how to learn from video effectively.

Nowadays there is a great abundance of information available to everyone. The internet has allowed people from all over the world to have access to a huge variety of resources on any subject.

As a result, education has changed radically in the past years. Various influencers claim that typical education is a thing of the past, and that self-education is the future. I personally consider this true, which is why I’ve created this blog to assist you on this journey.

To convey all this knowledge, many instructors choose video format. Not only is there an incredible amount of content on…

Everyone has struggled trying to learn something new. If you say you haven’t, you are lying.

Studying long and hard, only to witness no meaningful results, can be pretty demotivating. After consecutive learning failures, the correct word would probably be demoralizing. This particular point is where most people start accusing various external factors. They accuse their genetics or their mood or other people.

Eventually, they quit.

Before getting on a downward spiral, though, you should consider changing the approach. As Einstein has said:

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.


Because, if a correct mindset can’t get you through anything, nothing can!

There is a controversy in the world regarding success and its actual nature. One side argues that success can only be measured by your work position, your income or your materialistic acquisitions, while the other one supports that success should be mainly measured with intellectual and spiritualistic things, like happiness and help offered to those who need it. It has been a debate for a long time, and it will probably keep going for even longer.

What many people don’t comprehend, though, is that, despite what your understanding of success is, and despite what your goals in life are, the…

This is my story. Not all of it. Just the last year. It’s a story of addiction, a series of changes and the -not fully manifested yet- outcome.

I do not know what your expectations became the moments you read the title, but let me clarify a bit. This is not a story about a drug addiction, a smoking addiction or any other substance addiction of any type. This is a story about one of the newest, little analyzed and studied, types of addictions, occurring the last few years. It is a story about internet and gaming addiction, and how I got to get out of it by a series of events. …

Dimitris Gkiokas

Developer and blogger passionate with learning. Founder of The Metalearners. In love with martial arts, especially capoeira. Formerly working at Microsoft.

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