Reddit is the New Silk Road. Why does the US Government look the other way?

I have been a redditor for 6 years now. In that time I have also seen the government take down dark net marketplaces such as silk road. The idea being the site is allowing the sales of illegal drugs. They promote bitcoin and have moderators that allow the sales to take place. They rate the sellers and the drugs. Well so does Reddit. What makes Silk Road illegal and Reddit legal?

Let’s explore Reddit a bit. First let’s look at the illegal sales of fake ids. There is a subreddit called /r/fakeid. The goal of this subreddit is to put redditors in touch with people that make fake ids, and sell supplies to make fake ids. It has over 23k subscribers and the mods verify the sellers and people post comments and learn who to buy from and how.

On silk road they had the same things sold. But made it harder to obtain. You can read thru the posts and see how many people are ordering and how mods are involved in the sales and regulating who sells what on Reddit. All activity being illegal regardless.

Now we can move forward to /r/darknetmarkets. This sub is dedicated to telling people where to buy drugs from and what sellers on what boards. Again the mods are involved in verifying and promoting sellers.

Darknet Markets has a subscriber base of over 136k users. You can see below the reviews, vendor information and base of where they help people purchase drugs illegally.

We can go even further into the sports enhancement and sale of illegal steroids. Lets visit /r/steroidsourcetalk.

Steroid Source Talk has almost 16k subscribers and provides verified sources, who to buy the drugs from and how to pay them.

You can clearly see the use of Reddit as a platform to sell drugs just as silk road was. I have reached out several times to the Admins of Reddit with no response on why they allow these illegal sales to take place and be promoted. As well I have filed reports to federal law enforcement with no response.

Its very clear that Reddit has knowledge of the illegal activity and how they are providing a way for people to commit crimes and become drug users, get arrested, and ruin their lives. The US govt has to be aware this exists however they don’t take any action against them. Meanwhile the kid who purchased a fake ID thru Reddit gets drunk and kills someone in a DWI. The drug addict family member is being supplied thru the mail by some random redditor. And peoples sons playing sports are injecting unkown drugs into them causing health problems because of what they read on Reddit.

If you or anyone you know is having a drug issue, please get help. If you feel the drug issue is a problem please inform your local congressman and senators about why the federal government continues to allow the sales of illegal drugs thru Reddit to our children.