Management of the city

Stealing, stealing and again stealing. They make new facilities and infrastructure, but really slow and they steal a lot from this. What does this mean, that they do not do it for people, they do it to steal money so that they could be ok. Everything made from them has defects because it is made from bad material. What is the point?

If you want to make something, again stealing because of the high corruption. But the main problem are the people. I do not know if they are blind or just stupid, because they see this, they do not protest and they vote for them. Everybody is speaking loud about these problem, but only when he is alone, when people should do something about it, they are quiet, unless you give them money to do it. Corruption again! People cannot leave normally, but it is their fault, because they are active only in front of the tv, when they are watching the news, they swear and bewail of their lives, but on the next day is the same. They go to work to make money for somebody and a little bit for them, which are enough only to pay their bills and to have some food so that they could survive.

Lets see this building. This is the new sports hall called Kolodruma. This building while was in construction phase rose its price five times. In the end it worth 60 million levs, about 30 million euros. All of the money went to a company which has relationships with our mayor. Nowadays this building is almost useless, most of the time is locked up and here were organized just few events. But the biggest problem is that citizens pay this from their taxes.

There is no adequate managing of the city in tourism sphere. This is really stupid, because after all this is the oldest inhabited city in Europe. The only good thing is the logo with which they came up, but that is not enough.

And now, in 2019 we were chosen for European capital of culture. This is a big commercial for our city, but the problem is what tourists are going to see when they come. I hope that we won’t make fools of our selves in front of them. Unfortunately I think that nobody cares. You will ask maybe, why are they careless, when this could bring a lot of money to the city. I will answer, they do not care about making money, they want to steal money and they are really stupid. Why? Because one day this money is going to finish and then what. The wretch who calls himself a “politic” will go somewhere else, on his place will come a foreigner to rule the territory and our country will disappear. People living there have the main fault, we did not change the name of our country since we were created, we did not lose a single flag in our fights, but because of our indifference, this is going to be our last fight and if we do not nothing, we will surely lose.

This blog is not about Plovdiv as a tourism destination, it is about Plovdiv as an example of the crimes in my country Bulgaria. This is not something that could harm the people who are thinking that this land is their property, but I hope that it could be the beginning of their fall. I hope that one day I will see you behind the bars, where is your place.

We have a beautiful country and a beautiful city, we deserve to live beautiful life.

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