Night life

Plovdiv has one of the biggest varieties of clubs, bars and other type of night life places. Here there is something for every taste and every type of recreation.

The most famous one are the so called chalga bars. In our city they are the biggest group and every night there are so many different shows, singers and thematical nights in so many different places that some times it is difficult to choose only one place for the night. This is not a problem because everything is so close that you could have a short walk from place to place or even if you need a taxi there are not so expensive. For example from the one side of the city to the other one it may maximum cost you about 8 levs which is about 4 euros.

One of the most famous bars of this type in the city are Planeta, Galaxy, Secrets, Spirit and Seven Sins. These are places where you drink a lot throw napkins and you do not need a lot of money. Mainly young people between 18 and 30 go there.

The other famous type of clubs and bars are the ones with hip hop, house and dubstep music. There are also one of the best places to have a party in the city. Here you can have drink, listen to famous Bulgarian and foreign artists and also the variety of this type of clubs is a lot. But again taxis are not expensive (but be careful, some times there are deceivers). You can again choose between a lot of places and different themes of parties like black party, dirty sensation, house nights and one of the most famous is the night of DJ Mascota which is mostly made in the W Bar.

Other famous places are Ememento, Planet (this is different bar, not Planeta the chalga one), W and Plazma. The alcohol is again cheap and in most of this places there is no entrance fee.

There are also famous bars in the Trap district but the variety there is so big that I will need days to talk for all of them. Some of the most famous there are Trapsound, Move, Bally, Fabric and etc. No matter of your taste for music or wishes, here is the place where you can find everything.

If you like partying, Plovdiv is your town.

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