Outside the city

The Slivodol waterfall is the hightest waterfall in the Rodopi mountain. It is about 39 km far from the city center of Plovdiv. It is on the road between Plovdiv and Smolyan, right after Bachkovo village. It is situated in the Red Wall reserve.

You can go there by taking the tourist path which is about one hour normal walking. That is one of the most relaxing and beautiful areas around the city. It is kept really clean and you can get into the wild nature and beautiful sounds of singing birds and the splashing water sounds. A lot of people come here to have a walk, to relax, to make a barbeque with family and friends or just to escape from the big city. The nature in this area and also in the whole Rodopi mountain is really well preserved.

Other place for relaxing, but for not so adventurous people is the Bachkovo Monastery. It is a very important monument of Bulgarian Christian architecture. This is one of the largest and oldest Eastern Orthodox monasteries in Europe.

Except of the sightseeing you can also taste the typical Bulgarian barbeque in the restaurants made around the monastery. They also cook some of the most famous Bulgarian dishes. If you are keen on seeing historical and beautiful monastery, learning and trying new stuff or just to relax and have a walk in the nature this is your place.

The air here is really clean and fresh. In the spring and summer the weather is nice and warm. This is a preferred place by local people in region.

Also in Spring there is a Moto Fest that starts from Plovdiv and finishes at Bachkovo Monastery. This attracts a lot of motorcyclists and also normal people who enjoy the show of different stunts and also some of the most impressive motorbikes that they have ever seen.

If you are searching for new emotions or just for a place where you can be with your thoughts and relax, pack your luggage and come to this area.

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