Sights in Plovdiv

The Roman Amphitheatre was built in the 2nd century AD during the reign of Emperor Trajan. It was uncovered in 1972. Now it is restored and it’s one of the most magical venues. Visitors can see it for free from the outside streets around it, or pay admission for a trip inside of the theater.

Balabanov House is one of the most beautiful revival mansions in the old town. Here you ca experience the spirit of the old town. The lower floor has an impressive collection of paintings by local artists. Upper rooms are decorated with antiques and elaborately carved ceilings.



Tsar Simeon Garden is one of the most beautiful places to have a walk or relax in the hot summer days. There are some impressive stuff like Goddess Demeter Fountain, Viennese- style pavilion and the Singing Fountains. The Singing Fountains are maybe the most impressive of all because they combine light, music and water effects to make a magnificent show. If you go there in the summer, every Thursday, Friday and Saturday in the southwestern part of the park, around 9pm you can enjoy this show for free.

The ruins of Eumolpias which was a Thracian settlement in 5000 BC is one of the oldest fortresses in Europe. It was built on one of the hills (Nebet tepe) and was a strategic position. Most of the people go nowadays there to have a beer and take a look at the beautiful landscape of the city.

The Stadium of Philipopolis is mostly hidden under a pedestrian mall. There are stairways from different sides allowing for exploration. You can even watch a 3D movie which offers an experience of the stadium’s glory days as a venue for gladiator matches. For adults is 6 levs (3 euros), for students 3 levs (1,50 euros) and for children is free.

If you are curious to see more stuff from this magnificent city, just buy the next ticket and come to visit it.

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