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iPhone X Actual Screenshots

What is a Widget?

Widgets are a powerful extension for your iPhone, iPad and Mac apps and is a perfect way to extend and personalize your iPhone home screen with new visual functionality. We shouldn’t need to interact or do anything more than take a quick peek to get most value out of our widget. The content of the widget is in the focus, and we don’t need to tap any buttons or even spend time trying to figure out a complicated UI (widgets are not mini apps). Widgets will be available in iOS 14 or later and macOS 11 and later.

A closer look at widgets

A widget…

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Networking code can get really messy if we have to download some content from a remote location.

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PromiseKit is a popular third-party library for Swift and Objective-C programming language, and many developers are using this library to simplify the asynchronous tasks they have in their apps. Promises allows us to control the whole asynchronous background process with his powerful closure syntax for chaining multiple async functions.

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