“..fight the good fight, live for the moment, seize each day, know what really matters, end world hunger, vanquish the dragon, be super popular but too cool to care, be mistress of my own fate, embrace my destiny, feel as much as I can feel, give too much and love everything”

Borrowed with permission from Rob Brezny’s book ‘Pronoia: The antidote to Paranoia’ which inspired more than one mission statement and in order to complete the unfinished, for lack of space, bio entry.

PS: Rob got that from another guy whose name I can not for the life of me remember. Look in the massive love missile that Rob’s book is and you shall find it.

PS II: I only call Rob “Rob” because I feel intimately connected to his spirit. We may never meet in person and frankly I do not think that is necessary. Sometimes it is best to keep that space of wonder between yourself and your loved ones. It is mostly filled with spirit conducting material and as such sensitive to heavier, more solid elements.

Good to be here.

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