The Rules of Getting To Know Someone
Jason Schwartzman

I love serendipity, except I have not fully bought into its meaning. Not because I believe in a linear, predetermined line of events, but because I am on the path of deconstructing for myself concepts I once took for granted.

I read your piece because I was in the Noguchi Museum this past Saturday, less than an hour before closing and because I stood where the image you chose was taken from. I too wanted to touch the stones and didn’t because I had decided that as an adult it is my responsibility to follow rules. I touched them nevertheless with my eyes and with my heart. Adulthood, apparently, does not cut you off feeling or knowing.

I also know what bookstore you were in and quite possibly where you sat with your date.

I read your piece because it felt good to know that a human I do not know was in my neighborhood having an experience much like my own at least spatially.

I read it because the experience shared in words was in essence another angle of my own experience and as such infinitely interesting.

The rules it seems in getting to know anything are ever evolving and as unique as the people engaged, processes used. The loveliness lies, if you are looking for loveliness and I do, in recognizing the oneness of desire to know, experience, relate, share.

Serendipity helps.

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