“This is incredibly pretentious, you don’t even consider for a second that you could be wrong.
Jaime S

“Oh dear!” says my harmony seeking friend.

“How exciting!” says my eternally optimistic friend.

“What if the premise is off?” says my inexhaustibly inquisitive friend.

“How illuminating!” says my consciousness expanding friend.

“Wouldn’t it be nice if we all reveled in the knowing that sharing prespective, shifting through contrasting thoughts and experiences is the very core of what provides a backdrop to our lives and propels us to new and exciting places of desire and thought and idea making and inspired action?”

“Could it be true that we are all seeking and finding consistently data and proof positive that we are right?”

“Do I want to be right about what I dislike and prove my point and share with others who feel the same? Or do I prefer to be happy and joyful and content in knowing that we are all in this together and allies seen and unseen are consistantly supportive of our quest for what we deeply, achingly know to be our love?”

“In the beggining there was the word. And the word was CHOICE” T. Robbins from ‘Still life with Woodpecker’

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