So, I started coding for the first time in my life in August 2021 and it’s the best decision I’ve made! As I wrote on my previous article, video-games are my favorite pastime and I can’t help but notice how my mind takes on the problem solving aspect of coding, e.g. handling errors. It’s like a boss battle!

Writing code is like running through an open-world game. So many possibilities, so many hidden pathways to discover and lore to uncover. And then there are the bosses, or the ERRORS if you will! Stumbling across an unknown error for the first time is like stumbling across an unknown boss for the first time. It may look intimidating, scary. Maybe you don’t know how to go about beating that boss, but you know that you have to make your way through them to continue your journey. So, what do you do?

Well, I usually run to the bosses head-first and try my best to beat them on the first try, a tactic that seldom works. So, I try time and time again to beat them, and the harder the boss the more determined I get. If I can’t find a way to beat them on my own, I search and read up on tactics to help me get better. And let me tell you: nothing beats the feeling of accomplishment when the bosses finally fall in front of my character’s feet!

The same can be said about the way I solve errors in my code. I dive head-first and try to fix the errors with the knowledge I currently have. My determination gets stronger the harder the error and if all else fails, I Google or look on StackOverflow for some much needed advice and examples of different solutions. Then head-first on the errors again.

And now I’m going to repeat myself but: nothing beats the feeling of accomplishment when the errors dissolve in front of my eyes and I can continue my journey in the code-world!