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Estilhaço means sharpnel, splinter, fragment.

It was an installation built in 2017 made of shattered mirrors and LED triangles. Designed by and built with the help of Diogo Costa Pinto, Isis Passos, Carolina Anselmo and Andre Aureliano.

Eight LED triangles were built using three diferent shapes. We decided to use crude wood to have a furniture feel on it. Triangles are suspended by nylon ropes using shibari knots. Some of the triangles are tied one to another, so if one moves a part of the system moves too.

About construction each participant choose the triangles and mirror positions, only following a “conceptual direction” of something exploding in midair, with some framents more concentrated in the middle and others spreaded out.

Each triangle was built with its own processor, font and energy cable, running its own programming, so it is a modular system that works very similar to a light lamp. you plug and it is already running. Other than that each triangle is controllabe via wifi, so I could drive scenes or colors from my computer, or return them to the original automatic configuration.

Fiozera (André Aureliano) made a batch of 12 homemade beautiful PCBs

Fiozera and the first mounted board
Camera: Cauê Ito
Making of. Camera and edit : Landrisca

Equipament itself was so stable I’ve reused again in a residency in Rio de Janeiro. installation was called MIDI Storm and it was a place of music and visual improvisation.

And it travelled to Bahia in Cumuruxatiba to be part of the scenario of Mareh NYE. Firmware was upgraded and each triangle could be controlled with its own scene or acting just with one plain color. it proved to be fast enough for audioreactive scenes.

Photo: Felipe Gabriel

Estilhaço is good too as illumination source, inside or outside the photography

Estilhaço equipment can be used in different events with short setup time (from immediate to 4 hours mounting time, depending of the suspension), one hour maximum unmounting time.

And there is a batch of PCB boards on production so it would be fast to expand production and build giant light installations, public art and so.

Contact for more details.

For the second version I’ve produced a PCB and there are 100 boards ready to be mounted. PCB design by

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